RIP for the 2 passengers who died in the accident. Pray for the 293 missing passengers on the accident . Hope they’ll be found soon and stay safe. Pray for the families so they’ll stay strong and keep in faith. #PrayForSouthKorea

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so i was kinda going through hyuna’s instagram when i came across this selca, it’s from her and sohyun. look at them being pretty without make-upimage

anyways, then i saw this reaction 


first i was like nooohh because this is minhyun’s sister and she doesn’t look like it at all


but then..


i started to see the similarities.. the eyes



and the cheekbones .. omg


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hello venus @ wapop

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041514 Ren’s Love Letter

[From. Ren] Everyone, cheer up! ||

Hello. This is NU’EST Ren!
Not a long ago, I accidentally saw the fan letters and I heard the parent of one of our fan passed away.
I feel really sad, and I hope NU’EST can give you a strength even a little bit!
When you’re having problems, think positively and I hope you can feel better soon!
NU’EST will support you!
And lastly, what I want to say is, love yourself!!

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When manager doesn’t want to give JR his money, he becomes a taekwondo player XD